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Langston Racing's DRZ400 Black Mamba Headlight - Black

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The Black Mamba headlight represents a revolution in headlight design. The headlight is equipped with a polycarbonate lenses and a polypropylene number plate above the headlight. It can be adapted to fit a wide range of dirt bikes and some street bikes. This headlight is not DOT approved.

  • Equipped with four 20watt individual bulbs
  • 35watt center light bulbs are offered for it as well to increase illumination for an additional $9.95
  • Mounted by rubber straps and weighs about 1lbs lighter than the stock headlight
  • Will consume less power from the battery, allowing the battery to last longer
  • Will fit virtually any motorcycle
  • Two center bulbs are 36 floods and two outer bulbs are the 10 pencil, giving a broad field of illumination.

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Black Mamba Headlight - Black
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Black Mamba Headlight - Carbon/Black
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35 watt Black Mamba Headlight BULB
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